Door Repairs & Warranty

10 Year WarrantyWarranty

Most of our supplied and installed garage doors come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Care instructions are fixed on the reverse of our garage doors and must be followed in order to keep your warranty valid.

You will also be provided with a warranty document which details exactly the terms under which warranty is valid.

As an aid to ensuring you get the best from your garage door and it's warranty, please refer to our Annual Service offering below.


The Door Depot offers a repair service to any garage door, irrespective of whether we fitted it or not. We charge a very competitive fixed rate plus material costs if applicable.

Please contact us for more details on our repair service.

Annual Service

As part of our desire to insure you get the best from your garage door and your 10 year warranty, we now offer a annual service your garage door for a small fee. This helps to ensure your garage door and lifting gear is properly maintained and operating. Although the yearly service is not mandatory, you should be aware that failure to maintain your garage door properly could result in the invalidation of your warranty.

As part of our commitment to you, if your garage door has been properly maintained then any parts required as a result of the service will be included in the service cost.

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